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Our Story

We come from a culture where sharing stories and celebrating right-about anything is in our essence. Sunday extended lunches, holiday reunions, sobhiyye with the neighbors, weekends in the mountains and grandma’s
desserts that could feed the whole town…

Those built our families, became our traditions, and made our culture
unique by itself. And despite our diversity, it’s this native liveliness that
contributed our sense of comfort and brought us all together.
More than just rituals, traditions bond different generations together.

They’re our extension to the future and the ever-evolving world.
A world that challenges us to open up to other ways of being.

We are merging old, new and foreign to form a hybrid way of life that’s
ours, a tapestry of elements that forge our identities of today.

In this spirit of continuity, We, LULU, recognize and embrace these
challenges and aspire to reframe the traditional, while reinforcing our
values: our sense of hospitality, generosity and community.

By taking flavors soaked in heritage and reintroducing them to the
Lebanon we live in today. By celebrating our culture of joie de vivre and
carrying it on to every home; We are sharing another narrative, adding to
the story of Lebanon and passing it on to the whole world.

We offer flavors from across Lebanon, from local suppliers that we find and trust.


Being part of a community and appreciating our common grounds
and celebrating the common experience that we all share.


Having an open perspective and promoting acceptance and inclusion in all aspects of our brand.


Lulu’s ethics and sincerity. This quality dominates our approach to relationships, work and collaborations.


Embracing kindness and sharing as main qualities, and perpetrating a value deeply ingrained in our culture.


Continuously working towards creating and sharing happy moments with all those around.